"Costello offers a terrifying view into a dystopian future and a perhaps even more frightening look at the baser side of humanity. The cracking pace makes this a perfect choice for horror fans who want to be kept up late reading."

- ALA’s Booklist

“Patrolman Jack Murphy, forced to leave a besieged New York City where he battles feral cannibals, gathers his family and heads for the hills in this tense apocalyptic thriller."

- Publisher’s Weekly

“Costello knows how to keep a story moving, and his sparse, punchy style gives the writing urgency. Quickly paced and tightly written, VACATION maintains suspense. The characters are (excuse the pun) well-fleshed-out and the creatures frightening, as far as flesh-eating mutants go. In VACATION, Costello manages to wring life from an already overworked undead.“

- Fangoria

“Welcome to Paterville! Family getaway for all, away from it all. In this “anti-zombie” tale from master storyteller Matt Costello, the future isn’t very bright.  In fact, his so-called “vacation” turns out to be anything but relaxing; thankfully, readers benefit plenty from his near future hell. Costello has yet to pen a bad novel, from Wurm to Homecoming to Nowhere. After succeeding in videogame battelgrounds (Rage & 7th Guest fame), he returns to a very familiar haunt.

- Dave Simms - Horrorworld

“Readers will think trice about vacationing in idyllic rural areas as Jack and his family learns that Paterville has a nasty side under the glitter of a Vacation oasis as it is the Eagles Hotel California with a gruesome addition. This is a gripping post apocalyptic horror thriller.”

- Midwest Book Review

VACATION moves at a fast pace and there are plenty of “Don’t go in there!” and “What’s going to happen next?” moments, from the harrowing drive to the camp, where a quick stop for gas turns into a life-or-death struggle, to a fireworks show at the camp that becomes a fight for survival.

- Bookgasm

    “A Consummate Writer of Horror”

-Science Fiction Chronicle

  “Author Shane Christopher keeps the tension high from beginning to end”

- Kathy Samuels
Romance Reviews Today
“This is a creepy book that you will not be able to put down. “

- Curled Up With A Good Book
    ”In Dreams is one of the best suspense and horror reads of the year. It is guaranteed to send shivers down your spine and leave you with nightmares. Not many horror novels can jolt you the way this one does. A definite must-read.”

- Joyce Wheeler
Kwips and Kritiques
  “Matthew Costello is a master at generating suspense. Missing Monday is incredibly engaging and eerie, and will have you turning the pages faster and faster…”
- Fangoria on Missing Monday
    “The latest thriller from veteran author Matthew Costello finds him in top form. Costello hooks the reader with sly hints at its complexities without revealing the extent or purpose behind it until the end. This approach yields tremendous, page-turning suspense….a bullet-train of a read.”
-Cemetery Dance on Missing Monday
    “One of the Ten Best Horror Novels of 2004.”
-The Chronicle on Missing Monday
  “Matthew Costello is rapidly gaining the acclaim reserved for superstars such as F. Paul Wilson and Stephen King. Unidentified is the best kind of horror novel, a slow revelation of the problem, a short time to fix it, and a climactic ending with all the pieces falling into place.”
- Midwest Book Review on Unidentified
    “Readers who enjoy a creative and entertaining horror story populated with an ensemble who appear real will relish this novel.”
- BookBrowser on Maelstrom
  “Echoes the psychological suspense of Hitchcock’s Spellbound. If this isn’t movie-bound, Hollywood needs a brain transplant.”
- Kirkus Reviews on Mirage
    “Thrilling, suspenseful, and a whole lot of nail biting fun.“
- Mystery Scene on See How She Runs.